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The corona crisis has been challenging and exhausting for most of us. In my role as Chief Physician at Laakso Corona Health Center, I’ve had the privilege, at first hand, to be part of the incredible degree of cooperation and commitment to the common good that rose as a response to this external threat. 

I hope we will maintain all that is good, human, and noble when the pandemic eventually peters out and that we will join in efforts toward the next goal – a sustainable way of life. 

During the election period 2021 – 2025, particular focus and enough resources need to be secured to support families with children and young people’s mental health. This is required to compensate for the decline caused by the corona pandemic and all restrictions. 

Health issues among young people were alarming already before the corona crisis; some studies stated that up to 15 % had symptoms of depression, and up to 10 % showed anxiety symptoms. Fortunately, Helsinki initiated a project aiming to secure mental health care services for young people some years ago, and it will be launched shortly. 

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Front row corona crisis management

On March 20th, 2020, at 7 am, I was standing with a dozen other voluntary physicians and nurses in a gloomy auditorium in the newly opened Corona Health Center in the Laakso Hospital area. Nobody knew what level of risk the staff would be exposed to or if there would be enough safety equipment and beds.

This episode is about my background in outpatient medical care in Helsinki. It culminates in the first-hand insights into the city’s corona crisis management I have acquired through my capacity as chief physician at Laakso Corona Health Center. The 35 health care professionals at Laakso have taken care of over 27 000 patients in a year, and I will remain proud of my team and its effort forever.

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